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Quotes Rebecca, Thank you so much for your hospitality, what a fabulous party--forgive me for not taking you up on your table offer, but I learned the hard way at Apollo once not to sit too close to speakers, my ears rang for two hours : ) I fielded a lot of questions about the Krewe, and Don said several remarked they'd bought tickets after reading you on his boomer page-- My photo of Danny Hutton came out fine, btw. If you guys keep this up, no krewe in town will be able to compete. Whatever you paid Three Dog Night, it was worth it. Sincerely, Patricia P.S. Seriously, you've raised the bar. Quotes
Patricia Gannon

Quotes You had me at "Love my Acadiana city", "a business friendly krewe of entrepreneurs", and then the photos!.... hands-on-homemade FUN get-ups. Somebody get me a glue gun, I feel a crustation coming on. I'll fill-out the application form when I tell - I mean ask my husband about joining. til demain Lisa Parks Quotes
Lisa Parks
March 28, 2011

Quotes Keith, I want to personally say thanks for coming out today (you and the Krewe) and supporting us. It means a lot to us. Rebecca, I can't say thank you enough for your help, guidance and for the Krewe's efforts to bring Acadiana business together. I'm so proud to be a part of this as we grow. Best Regards, Jim Williamson Unique Systems Quotes
Jim Williamson
Unique Systems' Letter to the Krewe - July 2011

Quotes The beads .. OMG !!!! Not only was that a BIG deal with our participants .. but the LN (Local Nationals) .. were all up on that .. It would have appeared as though they had never seen something so beautiful or valuable before. It was fun though to see the overall CRAZE of the day .... The WINNERS prize... MAJ Maza divided up things and we sorted it out .. to make it a 1st and 2nd Prize Package in both the MEN & WOMEN category. It was funny to see the Winners rummage thru the boxes to get a glimpse of their goodies The event continued into the evening with presentations of Floats made out of card board boxes .. unfortunately .. that is the one thing we do not have pictures of. Now I must tell you .. when you look at the pictures .. it would seem as though we are all BIG as a HOUSE .. hahahaha .. but that particularly camera must have put 12#lbs on everyone ...Again,,, CAMP EGGERS .. SALUTES .. the KREWE OF ACADIANA, INC ... for its generous support. Quotes
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Mon, September 12, 2011

Quotes Hey there Ducky ... The Labor Day / Mardi Gras / Afghanistan Run was a HUGE SUCCESS .. In fact, this was the event which was recorded as having had the MOST participants... It was OVER 228 participants !!!!! MAJ Maza was so very this was her LAST planned event here in Theater, as she has already departed the country to head back to her full-time position at the Pentagon. The race had participants from a wide selection of our NATO forces here .. including Civilian contractors. It was a GREAT day as well. Upon completion of the race, the runners received their T-shirt .. all of which were individually packed in plastic bags ..for the first 200 participants who signed up. The T-shirts were a BIG hit .. the folks .. esp the Marines loved them. Take care, Daniel .. Quotes
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Mon, September 12, 2011

Quotes 2011 Krewe of Acadiana Cook-Off... "Had a blast !" Quotes
Fleur de Lis furniture/Home Decor
Mon, October 03, 2011

Quotes Hello Ducky .. as of today .. we have 228 people that are registered for our Run .. Monday (Labor Day) .. I will forward you the flyer that was created by MAJ Maza to advertise for the events of that day. Thanks again for everything .... I'm sure it will be one event that this Camp will remember . thanks .. to .. KREWE OF ACADIANA !!!!!! Thanks, Daniel ... Daniel Wiltz, LTC, MC Field Surgeon, 928TH ASMC Camp Eggers, Afghanistan DSN: 318-237-3649 Quotes
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September 03, 2011 6:10 am

Quotes Dear Krewe: What an amazing first newsletter! Crammed with helpful info, fun stuff to look at and tons of great music! Keep up the good (great!) work, chefs! No matter how many of you there are, you can't spoil this broth! love, judy j. Judy Johnson Editor-in-Chief Acadiana Gazette Quotes
Judy Johnson
August 19, 2011

Quotes I must say that before I ever spoke to you in person, I saw this quote on your FB page and I must say it struck a chord with me. We at Trust Acadiana look for forward to years of doing business with you and the Krewe of Acadiana. Your brainchild was sorely needed and the response you guys are are receiving is indicative of that. See you Monday!! Quotes
Rick Watkins
Trust Acadiana

Quotes seems as though all is well here on this end. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you .. Major Maza is excited about the upcoming run .. as are the soldiers.. I want to Thank you for all that you have done and are doing .. it means so much to me as well as the Troops here. I am so fortunate to have become friends with such great individuals as you / Don / Jackie / and a whole slew of other folks... THANK YOU !!!! Quotes
Daniel Wiltz, LTC, MC
Field Surgeon, 928TH ASMC