Krewe of Acadiana

Good Morning Members/Future Members
of the Krewe of Acadiana...
That's what we're about!
We told you in a previous e-mail that we are reorganizing and revamping our membership dues, benefits and events......Well, we did it!! We listened to you...You want recognition and fun at the same time. You want to celebrate the Acadiana culture and its talents of the many businesses in our 22 Acadiana Parishes. Here is what your new/renewal membership provides.
Provides two functions....A Carnival Parade Ride for two (you determine who) and two tickets to our "Headliner". We contracted "Three Dog Night" and "Beatles Yesterday Concert" for our first two years and we are working on this next year!
Free Advertisement in our Quarterly Mailout. Our mailout list consists of 6,000 "eager" Louisiana business patrons and interested friends. Your "Krewepons" will bring in new business.
Reduced Ticket Prices for great events from PASA, AAC, Broadway Shows, and Concerts throughout Acadiana.
Monthly listings on our Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,etc. (The Krewe of Acadiana was ranked in the top 10% of most connected Linkedin members worldwide/200 million.)
50% Discount on all tickets for our Carnival Parade Ride
and our "Headliner"
50% Discount on advertisement in our Quarterly Mailout
 (See above)
Listed in our Business Roster that is circulated to our 22 Acadiana Parishes.
You are notified "first" to participate at a low price in our Carnival Parade and purchase Headliner tickets. Friends and family are welcome.
You are able to take advantage of the "Business Krewepons" that are included in our quarterly newsletter.
Looking for a new job placement? Your information included "free" in our Quarterly Newsletter. (That's 6,000 plus distributed in 22 Acadiana Parishes)
If we have peaked your interest, here are a few power points of why you should join:
1. Strongly supported by local government officials and businesses on the cutting edge of networking opportunities.
2. You want fun events and want to stay successful in Acadiana.
3. We are dedicated to the success of Acadiana and you.
4. We want to promote the business talent of Acadiana.
5. We are connected to the Chamber of Commerce in each Acadiana Parish.
6. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to Acadiana.
7. Our popular website has been viewed by 106 Louisiana Cities, 258 Cities in 44 States, 34 Countries, and our Armed Forces throughout Europe, Canada, Middle East, and Africa.
Check out and join now. Membership Application Form Attached. Just follow instructions. Any questions? Respond to this e-mail or call Don Landry (337) 298-0978
Your Chiefs,
Krewe of Acadiana, Inc.